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On June 1st 2013 we were honoured to appear with our band, L'Attitude at the ALLSTARZ Summer Party at the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading.

The sun shone on us as we opened for JLS, Jessie J was to appear later -so you can tell what the crowd was like. We couldn't count, but the stadium holds 25000! WOW!

Here are some of the things said about us on Twitter:

TJ  @T4YL0RBR0UGHT0N “You girls were AMAZING !! X

i saw you at allstarz along side jls and jessie j and it has inspired me to do some fund raising for the jls foundation im trying to raise 2000 pound and if i reach this target i will be shaving my head and donating the hair to the little princess foundation”

Azzie Jcat  @MissAzzieCat “ I really enjoyed it you'll go far ! Xx :-) ”

Jessie J  @jessiej_c27 “I go at All starz party . . You perform before jls... Was so cool ! :-) ”

Selena Gomez  @Selena_mgomez22 “I saw you ! WAS AMAAAAAAZING”

Francescaa Slade  @FrancescaaSlade “Yeah I did it was amazing”

Dianna  @DianaVacarita “.... Was AMAZING ! ”

Jessica Black  @jessica200109 “.. It was amazing u where amazing 2xxx”

Danny  @O_donoghueDanny “... I see you ! x ... I like your performance :-) ”

Sophie Shelley  @Sophieharper18 “yh, you was sooo good!:) xx”

Chloe Baigent  @Chloe Baigent “... Oh and by the way u 3 have got amazing voices love u all xxx”

Sarah Fagan Gayle  @Stargirl_SJM “I thought you were amazing!! Xxx”

Frankie @Frankie_JLS “amazing! the whole day was sooo good!xx”

Livi @Livi3729 “OMG AMAZING !!!!!!x”

Charmaine @CharmaiineSlade “was good to see you on stage at the all starz summer party!x”

chelseakershaw1 @chelseakershaw1 “hiya you were brilliant :') x”

Cristina @CristinaYUUUP “I loved seeing you girls perform xx"”

Sam Dale @samdale95 “It was great, you're all really good singers and I think you will become very popular. There isn't enough groups like yours around x”

Charlotte  @charl_thornton “Amazing!!!I loved it. Thanks for the autographs too xxx”

g0ttabecake @g0ttabecake_ “Yes I did (go AllStarz) and oh my god thank you so much for follow me girls, you were amazing xx”

Hélina Blaauw  @helinablaauw “It's was amazing Could of listen to u all day x”

Emma Louise Frances  @EmmalfvinesEmma “Aww wow I thought u were fantastic well done ladies should b proud you were amazing xx”

Nicky Booty  @Nicky1Booty “It was amazing you girls are all so talented and lovely! Hope to see you guys again in future! ♥”

Squad Heartbeat  @Squad_HB “It was amazing, you girls smashed it, you shouldn't of been a support act, you should have been one of the main ones, just a shame i didn't meet you girls, when you came out there was such a big crowd me and my friends couldn't get close enough :O, but you really did liven it up on sat”

Lisa  @lisapuddy “You was amazing, my daughters age 12 & 14 haven't stopped talking about you all to their friends :) thank you for making it a special day x”

Beth  @Beth_Aston_JLS “I thought it was amazing. I'd see you again!! You know how to start a show! X”

Kelly  @beautsyagetmeHB “Hey lovelys I just wanted to say u was amazing at allstarz :) can't wait to hear more from you :) would of loved to meet you girls x”

Katie Cammell  @Kate_Cammell “You three where really good! i enjoyed your songs and the way you tried to include the crowd as much a possible x”

Victoria Davis  @VictoriaClara “Hey I was Late so caught the last bit! I thought you guys were really good! Fresh :) and I've have watched you guys in YouTube love it X”

Shannon Giles  @ShanUnionJworld “I thought you were absolutely amazing would definately want to see you again and meet you in person you rocked it totally!!! When you next performing ? Xx”

Megan Yeates  @g0ds_giftt “loved it! noticed most of the clothes you 3 wore were from river island too x is your music on iTunes?”

Amy Louise Messett @AmyLouise232 “Heyy it was really good, your really talented x”

Chlo Marsden @Chlomarsden “... It was definitely one of the best, preferred you to a lot of acts! You were really good and I'd love to hear you again! xx”

Tegan Tydeman @tegan_tydeman “It wa amazing! X I was right at the front you pointed at me! ”

Kelly Herbert @kellyherbert23 “OMG AMAZING!! I loved it! :) you were the best support act by far, no lie!!! X”

Amber Aldridge-White @Amber__94 “hello, I thought you were amazing! hope to see more from you girls soon, im a new fan after seeing you perform at Allstarz ☺”

Rochelle   @_djmalik19 “Hey, I thought you were absolutely amazing yesterday :)x”"

and read this reviewby musiceyz



On May 15th 2013 we played with our band at our second Showcase.

Here we are ready to start, then see Abigail and Mandy in action, with Vicky and Alex behind. Click on images to see larger copies.

What was said:

Scott McDonnell It was an absolute pleasure working with you girls last night. I hope to see you back in Dingwalls soon. Great show and always good to come across a band who remembers to say thank you to the backstage and technical team.

If you missed us, then thank Stewart for putting our live songs on You Tube. You can watch and listen here. Kissoff at Dingwalls Camden. are the ones.


On March 19th 2013 we played with our band at our Showcase.

Here we are in this photo taken by Noel Wong. Click on it to see a larger copy

What was said:

Great performance girls

Killed your performance tonight girls

You smashed it Girls very proud, catch their performance, new video just up.. No.1

A chance to see our live performances on JUMPINSOUNDS Channel:


Water Rats Review

On February 22nd 2013 we played with our band at Monto Water Rats.

Jeremy Tigar had this to say:

“Congratulations Kiss Off - this was a stunning performance; very polished, professional and punchy.

A girl band with a brilliant three girl drummer and guitar pair - all who were born to perform live; except for a Pink song in the middle, which Louis Walsh would have said: "You owned it and made it your own "", these self penned songs were amazing.

Jodie, Abi and Mandy (and it won't exactly hurt their careers that they are all very beautiful) gelled beautifully and oozed charm, power, control - this with a formidable set of all girl musicians are simply awesome at entertaining. The "Kiss Off" factor is a unique and highly compelling tour de force.

A Record Label will surely sign up Kiss Off sooner rather than later. At what they do, quite simply, Kiss Off is unrivalled in what and how they deliver.

It was a privilege to be in the audience - a feeling shared by all those around me.

Watch this space !!”

Thanks Jeremy!

Altsounds on Kiss Off

In February 2013, Altsounds featured us.

musiceyz on Kiss Off and Number 1

January 1st 2013 and musiceyz reviewed Number 1.
A little of what they said------

"The track opens with some pretty rock sounding guitar and you think, OK these girls are a bit different, are they rockers? Then the beat and initial rhyme from Little Dee comes in and you realise, definitely not. The style of Kiss Off is much more along the vein of Little Mix or Duchess than The Saturdays. The girls have attitude and a bit of something above a normal pop act.

That being said, the harmonies do work together and they seem to complement each other when singing together. As with most pop groups each of the girls get their own time and each has their own distinctive voice, again another positive. The video also shows a playful side to the girls. "

Follow the link to read more.

Blog about Kiss Off

Read a blog about us.

Gigvert Review

As reported by gigvert -your music visible 1 July 2012.

    This is not one of our videos or the kind of act we typically work with, but I was quite taken by a cameo performance at a school summer fair by the girls, so I'm giving them centre stage. Great live vocals and a performance to rival any UK girl group out there. Although they were quite understated because of the nature of the event, you could see and hear the quality. I can see them going all the way if they get the right songs and a rub of the green!

    Catch them at the Custom Bike Show this Saturday at HARLEY-DAVIDSON Thurrock. Beautiful girls and beautiful bikes!

Romford Recorder Review

As reported in the ROMFORD RECORDER 11 Mar 2011.

    A new all-female urban pop group, Kiss Off, have stormed to the final of a talent competition. The band was formed about six months ago; they are now preparing to perform in the final of the Essex Factor competition, beginning 27 March.

    Mandy Giltjes already has experience in the pop world; three years ago she reached the final of the 2008 UK Unsigned talent competition with her group 'Kismet'.

    Mandy, who lives in Romford, has a banking job in the city, whilst her fellow singers Abbie Scott and Jodie Drayan work in retail.

    She believes Kiss Off stands out because of their personalities. "I am the quirky one" she said. "Abbie is very R 'n B; Jodie is very rocky and theatrical. We all have very big voices. This band is definitely the best I have had."