“We are Kiss Off, a new group with a fresh urban pop sound: Mandy, Jodie and Abbie, all with something to say! The three of us are sure to bring you humour, drama and silly antics as we perform our new number, 'Misfit'.

We're all different, and 'Misfit' promotes independence and individuality. We hope the song will inspire people to be proud of who they are and to enjoy life to the full. No matter how strange, weird, odd or different you may feel inside, there is always the opportunity to embrace your own special uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

You see this in our performance as we poke gentle fun at each other....we don't always have to conform; there are more important qualities to celebrate in people such as kindness, understanding and love...

Kiss Off are direct, approachable, hardworking and very ambitious. We have several gigs coming up soon. Take the opportunity to hear us when we're in your area. ”

Listen to us tell you about ourselves here - September 2012

Kiss Off Q&A Session - October 2013

enjoy our first video!

and our second video Number 1

Mandy, Jodie, Abbie / Kiss Off